The One Million Bones project has been used as a tool for groups to approach and address the difficult concept of genocide and mass atrocities in schools, congregations, community centers, art studios and homes. By making bones, thousands were introduced to the realities of ongoing conflict around the world, and found art as a powerful way to connect to these issues. The project culminated when one million artwork bones, made by students, educators, artists and activists, were laid out on the National Mall, June 8-10, 2013, creating a visible petition against these atrocities and a provocative reminder of our common humanity.

Although this international project has come to an end, The Art of Revolution team encourages individuals and groups to continue utilizing the creative process to engage, educate and inspire action. Bone-making workshops offer a tangible and creative response to an overwhelming topic and our lesson plans provide age-appropriate curriculum for introducing these difficult subjects in schools. We hope that participants will continue to find meaning in One Million Bones through locally organized bone-making workshops and public installations.

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