One Million Bones in the Classroom

The One Million Bones project offers classroom discussion, hands-on exploration and important lessons beyond the classroom.  Your students will:

  • Engage in a creative activity that will create awareness about a pressing global issue
  • Be collaborators in a nationwide public artwork
  • Bring learning to life by connecting classroom lessons with community service projects

One Million bones is a cross-curricular opportunity to introduce:

  • Social Studies, Political Science and World Literature
  • Art and Design
  • Community Service and Service Learning
  • Science and Math



Available Curriculum:

  1. Pre-Primary (pre-K & K) School: Teacher Toolkit (downloadable pdf format)
  2. Primary School (Elementary): Teacher Toolkit (downloadable pdf format)
  3. Secondary (Grades 6-12): Teacher Toolkit (downloadable pdf format)
  4. Shared Lesson Plans
  5. Other Resources

Estimated Class Time:  Introduce One Million Bones in as little as 40-60 minutes or as an extended lesson over a few days.

Getting Started:

  1. Gather materials: supply checklists are listed in the teacher toolkits above.
  2. Introduce lesson plan per grade level.  See available curriculum above or create your own!
  3. Make bones!

For more information about making bones check out our FAQ page.

For more information on bringing this project into your school or classroom contact: